Dangerous Line of Work

by Lori on May 26, 2012

Being a real estate agent is certainly never dull, but some days I wish it was. The excitement can certainly make your head spin. Morning to night showings, driving through the mountains to remote rural mountain cabins, and hazards like unfriendly dogs, extreme weather, those pesky locks and faulty GPS programs. I just have to post a picture of this dog that was at one of my recent showings. He was barking at us through the window.


Wish I could read this dog's mind...

Now if the listing agent didn’t mention a dog and you saw this, what would you do? I am not afraid of dogs, but I have been to emergency room twice in my lifetime because of dog bites. I quickly called the office trying to get an explanation because my buyer really wanted to see this property. I wanted to bolt, but the receptionist tried to convince me this dog was very friendly and two other parties had been through the house earlier that day. He really reminded me of Stephen King’s Cujo. We cracked the door and the dog didn’t move off the couch. I was drenched in sweat, but trying to keep my cool in front of my buyer. Turns out it was an older dog that sat on that sofa during the entire showing. I was ready to climb furniture if necessary. Trust plays a huge factor in real estate-sellers trusting buyers coming through their homes and agents trusting mean looking dogs. I joke about this, but personal safety is a huge issue in real estate with brokers showing vacant properties, staffing open houses and having our personal information plastered all over the Internet.  I hope you will keep these issues in mind during your next real estate transaction.  Be safe everyone!


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